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EZ Go Golf Cart Parts

EZ Go Golf Cart Parts


Fleet Cart Parts

Considered the original golf cart at its core, a fleet cart is meant for riding the greens of your favorite course. We offer all of the EZ Go golf parts you need for your model. From key switches to electronic speed controls, we have it all right here!

Industrial Cart Parts

Commonly used in warehouses and industrial settings, industrial golf carts are focused on hauling larger loads and doing other work-related tasks. When you need replacements for the work wheels of your business, we have you covered with bumper to bumper solutions covering every imaginable aspect.

PTV Cart Parts

Standing for personal transportation vehicle, a PTV golf cart can be sued for a range of purposes to fit your needs. We offer options covering a wide range of models, years, and part types to ensure you get everything you need for your favorite set of wheels.

Turf/AG Cart Parts

Used for agriculture, turf maintenance, and on farms, an AG or turf golf cart from this manufacturer offers power and performance sure to please while getting the job done. From their electric models to their traditional gas options, we offer parts for every type of AG golf cart from this trusted name on the market.


When looking for a fun and easy way to get around, a golf cart is a great solution. As one of the first innovators of this type of vehicle, EZ Go led the way for this vehicle type to become a staple on todays market. When looking for the best selection of affordable EZ Go golf cart parts, we have you covered with everything you need for your favorite set of wheels.

The story of EZ Go golf carts started in 1954 when two brothers set out to create a better golf cart than what was currently available on the market. With a focus on agility and improving on the slow speed of previous generations, their golf carts paved the way for new innovations which would change the industry for the better. For instance, their exclusive AC Drive is a one of a kind design found in their EZ Go RXV models. This alternating current motor with electrical powertrain offers unparalleled hill climbing power and overall performance sure to impress anyone familiar with golf carts. They also pioneered industry-leading features like a parking brake which will engage automatically when the vehicle stops, and features designed to make the vehicles more environmentally friendly. While their original designs were intended for golf courses or soft grass, the manufacturer would eventually recognize the need for expansion. They introduced models designed for use on asphalt and extended the available terrains. They also introduced vehicles designed with specific industries or tasks on mind such as their models focused on turf maintenance, hospitality, food and beverage, and more. While they still offered their respected personal golf cart models, the new lineup further expanded the reach of the manufacturer while giving hard-working individuals a set of wheels they could count on throughout their workday. Every year, this innovative brand introduced something new and exciting to the market and secures their place as a leader for this vehicle type. We are honored to play a role in your story with this trusted manufacturer with our inventory of EZ Go golf cart parts.

When shopping for solutions for your favorite set of wheels, you need options you can count on. With our selection of EZ Go golf cart parts at the ready, find everything you need all in one convenient place. With affordable prices and fast shipping, you can quickly repair your cart back to its original power and performance. When shipping for parts, it's important to have solutions made with the specifics of your model in mind. With an inventory spanning every category or type of golf cart, as well as a wide scope of models and years, finding the right specifications for your vehicle is easier than ever. With OEM solutions at the ready, get the outcome and performance your vehicle was always meant to offer with every ride. We offer a diverse range of part areas or part types covering every imaginable aspect. From spark plugs and wiring to steering controls and tires, we have it all in one easy to shop location. If you have any questions while shopping, please contact us for further assistance in finding the right solution.